SafeMany people face a situation where a person who is interested in safes can hardly imagine what type of safe he needs and how to choose one from many different options. In fact, it is really simple, you just have to know what details to focus on. We offer some short tips how to choose a safe easily. In order to choose the safe, you should answer the following questions:

Question I: What do you intend to keep in the safe?

Documents, money, the media, weapons, files, etc. It is an essential thing and, depending on what you will keep in the safe, you have to choose the safe of the appropriate level of security, size, function, etc.

Question II: What size should your safe be?

If the safe is going to be used only for money and jewellery keeping, it may be small; however, you will not be able to keep your documents, files, photographs, or laptops in it. A hunting weapon requires a tall safe. The size of the safe is often limited by the size of the place where it is intended to be. The general rule is the following - you should always choose a larger safe than you think to choose at the beginning, if possible. Pay attention to delivery possibilities of the safe to your desired place – it may be impossible to bring the safe weighting a few hundred kilograms into an inconvenient place.

Question III: What are the safety requirements?

The more valuable your items are (not necessarily in monetary terms), the more secure safe you should choose. The security of the safes are indicated by certificates. If you are concerned about the safety, we advise you to avoid safes without certification. Some of the companies in Lithuania indicated the security of the safes by stars, which helps to choose the right one.

Question IV: Do you need fire protection?

People usually do not consider that the safe protects not only from thefts but also from fire. That is why there are certain fire resistant safes in which the level of fire resistance is rated according to the number of minutes over which the things in the safe are not damaged in case of a direct flame. Please note that there are different types of safes to protect paper and the media from fire since the critical temperature for the paper is significantly higher than for the media.

Question V: Where will you install the safe?

There are three following types of safes according to the method of fitting: standing – fixed to the floor and/or wall; wall – mounted into a wall; floor – mounted into the floor. All these types are used, and the decision is mostly determined by the location in a specific home.

Question VI: which lock of the safe will you choose?

The most popular safes are with these locks: a key safe lock, a key safe + a mechanical combination lock, a mechanical combination lock, safes with an electronic lock. Nowadays, the best solution is safes locked with an electronic locks. After having chosen this type of safe, you will not have to carry big keys in your pocket. You will be able to change the code when necessary and the level of security will be very high.

The investment in the safe is a long term investment. Thus, it is worth "investing" your time in choosing the most suitable product for yourself. It is advisable to buy the safe from the specialised companies, where you will always get an advice how to change the code of the electronic lock of the safe or where to make a copy of the key, how to install the safe, etc.